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Discover Eclipse Titanium

Wow, they are so light I don't feel like I even have skates on my feet. They maneuver really well and float over the ice. Kelly Harter, PSA master-rated coach & professional show skater

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100% Skater Guarantee

The ALL NEW lightweight Eclipse Titanium™ blades have a 100% titanium alloy body with a stainless steel runner. At 45% lighter than carbon steel alloys, titanium offers the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. It is 60% denser than aluminum and twice as strong. The Swedish stainless steel runners offer precise edges which maintain long blade life and resist rust or corrosion.

A pair of Eclipse Titanium Infinity size 10-inch blades weighs just 14.2 oz. (402.56 g), lighter than any other blade on the market! Less weight with less resistance means you’ll cover the ice faster and jump higher than ever before. Be amazed at the difference you’ll feel the first time on the ice with Eclipse Titanium blades.

100% Skater Guarantee: If not satisfied, simply return your blades within 60 days with a proof of purchase for a full refund.

Skaters Love Eclipse Titanium

I love these blades! They are incredible. I especially love the toe picks. I was worried about having problems going from the k-pick to a regular rake. No problems at all! They grip so well and I feel more in control of all my movements, jumps and spins. Absolutely fantastic! They are so light and really grab an edge well. I can't say enough about them!Kelly Harter, PSA master-rated coach & professional show skater
These blades give skaters a huge advantage! The lighter weight is very noticeable, not only when jumping, but all free leg extension positions from stroking to a 135 to 180-degree spiral. As a coach, I am on my blades anywhere from 4 to 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. I no longer need to sharpen my blades weekly—the sharpening will hold for months! Holly Malewski, Coach/Facility Supervisor
I LOVE how light they feel. I was amazed by the difference in how my feet felt the minute I took a step off the ice and then further impressed on the ice. Wow—it’s unbelievable how much lighter they are.

The initial thing I noticed was the speed…I am so much faster covering the ice…not really something I had expected, as it was so smooth. I love the ‘pop off the toe.Master Coach/Skating Director
These blades are superior. My jumps have increased in height and control. The positive aspect was how effortless the transition was. This was so easy. I had no more than an hour of adjustment.Julia Hinton, Test Skater
At this point I am getting 4 to 5 weeks between sharpening and that is with 3 hours of training per day, Monday through Friday, and 2 hours on Saturday.Master Canadian Coach

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